YAR 89.7 FM

YAR 89.7 FM is kopala’s Number 1 Hit Station, the biggest and first commercial radio station on the Copperbelt. Leading the way in the Game.

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1st Kopala Radio Station

Established in 2007 as the first ever commercial Radio station.

Wide Coverage

Covering copperbelt towns such as Kitwe, Ndola, Chingola, Kalulushi and Mufulira


Covering news of all types: current, non-current affairs and community news



As the radio station manager, Phreddy combines years of industry experience with a passion for delivering top-quality programming. His strategic leadership and dedication to innovation drive the station's success, fostering a thriving environment for both listeners and staff.


As YAR FM's radio station's accountant, Ethel ensures financial stability by expertly managing budgets and maintaining precise financial records. She plays a vital role in the station's financial success.

Fabulous Tim

YAR FM's Head of production and also very passionate with anything to do with radio


Everytime I turn on the mic, I don't cheat myself. Rule number1 I learnt is never to cheat my audience so I give 200% when I execute anything on air and live to cherish all the "It's gotta be like that" moments because I represent the best. K-S!X hosts the Big Bang Breakfast show from 6 to 10 AM daily. when you rock with him, you are definitely rocking with the best!


Frazy, with his smooth voice and insightful discussions, he kickstarts your day with a blend of music and engaging content, making every listening experience memorable.

Lillian Chipeso

Passionate about the media industry and art, lillian is a qualified reprter and author with 1 publication to her name "EFFECTS OF DIVORCE ON CHILDREN," currently on the market. Lillian also does part time TV presentation with the national broadcaster - ZNBC on weekends.

Ennie Kishiki

A trained and qualified journalist playing a front role in bringing and reporting news on the ground as raw as it comes without bias. She loves to read, write and visit new places.

Peter Mulenga

Peter, YAR FM's marketing executive, is a strategic visionary who crafts compelling campaigns to engage and expand the station's advertising clients


As the welcoming face of the radio station, Lewis greets clients and guests with warmth and professionalism, ensuring a positive first impression.


Atrain, a seasoned radio station presenter known for his deep and charismatic voice, he creates a vibrant and memorable on-air experience for listeners

The Duke

The Duke, with a passion for radio connects with the listeners through captivating blend of music, conversation, humor and delivering a memorable and entertaining radio experience for listeners of all ages


Brie, the charismatic radio station presenter who brings energy and entertainment to your ears. With her engaging personality and diverse music selection, she turns your post and pre lunch hours into an unforgettable radio experience.


As the dedicated radio station driver, Hudson ensures seamless transportation of equipment and staff to various locations, always keeping schedules running smoothly